Like Parent, Like Child: ANGER

Sometimes you see little annoying brats who turns the ceiling upside down when they are angry, and it convinces you that you really don’t need kids. Lets not forget those kids who bring god down to earth when they don’t get what they want. Now these kids convince you that we as the human population do not need to reproduce anymore. 

Can we blame the kids? They where born with a blank slate… The blame here should be on the parents!

Kids are a product of their environment. The way you treat a kid is the exact way that kid would treat others. These fragile creatures are like clay, they take the shape you as the parent chose to mold them into. For instance if a child was raised by an angry parent, they are more likely to have a temper as they grow up. They see their parents deal angrily with a certain situation, and as they grow up they learn that this certain situation is solved by being angry at it. 



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