We love to see what attracts our eyes. What makes us lose our focus from the rest of the world. Whether it be a neon colored item, a glittery item, perhaps an unusual item. But is this feeling only true for items or can it also be true about people? 

You could be anywhere and at anytime, and a certin person could stand out of the crowed in your eyes. Does that mean you are attracted to them?

Physically, probibly. However spiruatally or in terms of personality no, not really. As human beings we are far way more than skin, blood, and bones. We have a brain that can take us places no one has ever been before, it can think of ideas nobody has ever thought of before. This brain of ours is the doorway to ourselves. And just because a person caught our eye doesnt mean they are the right key to ourselves, our doorway. 

When two people can connect, communicate, and understand each other they both are the key to each other. The way a cirten person looks does not garantee that he/she is for us. Dont get me wrong looks are important on a certin level, as human beings its difficult for us to mate with someone we find repulsive. But being able to connect with each other on the same level is crucial. 

We are all simular in terms of biolological DNA, however each and every one of us process differently. We think differently, feel differently, and act differently. This is the human way, the one thing that seperates us from animals. 

None of us are perfect, because the ideal, perfect looking and acting human being does not exist. For instance i might find a tall slim male who likes to argue to be attractive while another person may find the exact opposite to be attractive. 
Nobody is for everyone, but there is somebody for everyone. 



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